What does ‘Many Paths, One Source’ mean?

Chalice Well Trust Many Paths One Source Festival Logo - Square Large

In the heart of the Chalice Well is the source of a spring which is and has been recognised as a sacred and holy well by many the world over.  The long stone path to the Well Head has been worn smooth over time by the footsteps of people of all faiths and beliefs seeking in their different ways to make a deeper connection to the source of existence and to understand what this ‘being human’ is really all about.

2019 marks the 10th year that the Trust has been hosting ‘Many Paths, One Source’ festivals.  Through all these festivals and gatherings with what now amount to literally thousands of people it has become clear that ‘we are all just walking each other home’. We seek to find ways in which those who come can touch and experience what lies at the very heart of the world’s faiths and spiritual traditions.

We often talk about a shared experience of the sacred that does not recognise borders or differences. When we reach or touch our spiritual source, everything falls away, doctrine, teachings and practice. We simultaneously recognise ourselves in one another and what remains in the space between is understanding, peace, kindness and most of all, love.

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