The ‘Arts’ of ‘Being’

One of the founding aims of the Chalice Well Trust, laid down in its constitution in 1959 was;

“To advance education in all ways by encouraging the study and enjoyment of the sacred through the arts, particularly as may be associated with the said Chalice Well and its surroundings”

A way of experiencing a state of sacredness is to surrender the conscious mind to the ‘creative spirit’ that resides within and allow that to freely flow. Each of the world’s faiths and spiritual paths have their sacred arts. The study and the practice of which offer a way of knowing and understanding their precepts. When heart, mind and body are so aligned, we can get glimpses of a greater awareness that is expansive and connecting.

So what Buddhist arts might be enjoyed in the 2019 festival?

We are contacting and inviting contributions from Buddhist painters, calligraphers, mandala makers, potters, yoga teachers, singers of sacred chants, Kung Fu and Tai Chi practitioners, mala bead makers, stone carvers and practitioners who will share their ceremonies and rituals.

All this will be anchored and informed by core teachings of Buddhist philosophy including; the eight fold noble path, the four noble truths and the three jewels.

In practicing these arts and learning the philosophy, it is hoped that we can all find useful ways to experience more peace, harmony and well-being in our lives today.

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