Tea or Tibetan Bowls?

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Tibetan Singing Bowl

On a visit to Chalice Well, we spoke with Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino and asked how playing Tibetan Bowls and chanting can be helpful for our wellbeing. Michael explained “Tibetan singing bowls have this wonderful way of focussing you on a task and slow yourself down. Imagine coming back from work and instead of having a cup of tea. You sit down and chant and play which really slows down your breathing and heart rate and relaxes you which puts you into a very different place space. This has a wonderful wellbeing effect on everybody – better than a cup of tea”

Candida added singing changes your brain chemistry, opens up your heart – it has lots of health benefits. Mentally it creates a calmer state in yourself. You can sit and simply chant and play a bowl for ten minutes and focus on the sound and the movement just like a meditation and afterwards you can sit and be silent for a while.

Once I was running an evening sponsored by a charity which included a little singing bowl meditation. Afterwards this woman shared ‘All my lists have gone’. she has lists in her mind all the time – at the end of that meditation she said they disappeared’. So she bought a CD and when she came back I asked her if it still works and she said ‘yes every night before I go to bed, I play the CD and my lists disappear so I can then go to sleep’

Michael and Candida will be teaching workshops on overtone chanting and how to play Tibetan bowls during the festival – details coming soon. On March 16th, you can join them to experience the joy of devotional chanting and the nourishing resonance of Tibetan bowls in Frome where you will be part of creating a spectacular Choir of Aums, Overtones and Harmonics to bless all sentient beings, the earth and nature.

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