Sacred Scripts

Tashi Mannox is one of the foremost contemporary Tibetan calligraphers. He spent 17 years as a monk studying under Tibetan masters. It was apparent in seeing his work that he is a master of this art. The form of the letters and the script convey the meaning with such a precision and a fineness that the observer cannot help but be moved.

My favourite was his work ‘The Nature of Mind’  whose text translates, ‘Waves arise from water. In the same way, all phenomena are created by the nature of your mind, which is emptiness, arising as every kind of appearance.’

We met at the Gaunts House 'Dharma Festival' waiting for the chip van, which was providing that night’s festival supper and he kindly autographed a copy of his beautiful book ‘Sacred Scripts’. I asked him about the practice of drawing the perfect circle and how difficult it was – he responded that it is not so much the drawing of the circle that is important rather the ‘way’ in which one draws it – it is one of the things that he loves to teach in his workshops.

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