Finding ‘Dharma’ in Dorset

Gaunts House in Dorset is home of the Richard Glyn Foundation, an educational charity which works towards harmonious individual and global evolution. I attended on one of the days of their Dharma Festival and drove up the long drive on the estate at 7am early enough to join a Tai Chi class led by Olu Taiwo.

He explained how the Tai Chi practice of the 3 bows had transformed his ability to play basketball, which he was still doing at the age of 53. I enthusiastically joined in, anxious to learn the secret to his source of physical vitality.

Afterwards I joined the Tashi Lhunpo Monks for their morning prayers and observed one of the monks yawning. I was tickled to realise that even monks can be sleepy, but the sonorous sound of their deep chanting and the hypnotic rocking of the bodies sent me in to a deeply relaxed state.

By 10am following a delicious breakfast I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and joined a workshop, led by Dechen Rochard, exploring a text written by the Buddhist Master Langri Tangpa in the 12th Century ‘Eight Verses for Training of the Mind’. The words resonated with me and I found them profoundly affecting. Dechen had heard His Holiness the Karmapa teaching on Mind Training and shared some of his insights with us.

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