About Chalice Well Trust

The Chalice Well is among the best known and most loved holy wells in Britain. Many legends are attributed to its chalybeate waters, which flow ceaselessly at a steady rate and temperature that never varies. Not least among these is that they represent the blood of Christ miraculously springing forth from the ground when Joseph of Arimathea buried or washed the cup used at the Last Supper. For others the waters are acknowledged as the essence of life, the gift from Mother Earth to sustain its living forms and so a continuous spring like Chalice Well is a direct expression of an unbounded life force.

We invite all people, whatever their spiritual path, religious belief, age or gender, to honour and celebrate nature and our part in the continuing evolution of this unique and beautiful planet; in peace, unity and co-creation with all life on Earth.

Our aim is to be a place to heal mind and body through the agency of the Spirit with the co-operation of Nature. A place to nurture a growing sense of Unity, in every phase of life. To create conditions where Love can manifest in act and word.

Our eight Chalice Well Wheel of the Year Earth Festivals form a key part of annual events.

As the ceremonies and events that are held in the Garden follow the natural cycle of the seasons, so the Gardens serve as a visible reminder keeping all in touch with nature and her rhythms.

That people gather together in a beautiful garden allows a shared acknowledgement of the sacred and divine that transcends borders and differences.

The Chalice Well and the main gardens are enfolded in the vale between Chalice Hill and Glastonbury Tor.

The garden’s landscape (or aspect) naturally rises upward from the bottom of the garden toward the Wellhead at the top.

Visitors progress from the open space of the lower lawns following the course of the waters to their source. It is a garden of many “rooms” each with different qualities, features and planting, but all combine to create a living sanctuary of healing, sanctity and peace.

You can find out more about us on our main (soon to be updated) website, chalicewell.org.uk

If you are interested in supporting the working of the Trust, you can find our about joining our worldwide family of companions here.