2019 | Exploring the Practice and Philosophy of Buddhism

Buddhism is an ancient spiritual path to self-realisation that has been followed for over 2,500 years and is the fourth largest religion in the world, practised by an estimated 500 million people. Next year Chalice Well will be holding a unique and ground-breaking festival, featuring some of the main streams of Buddhism. Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Zen will be explored, offering both a comprehensive perspective on the breadth of the philosophy and the opportunity to experience what lies at the heart of this path.

The nine day festival programme will include a free exhibition, live demonstrations, full day and half day workshops, music, chanting, ritual, mindfulness practice, prayer and meditation as well as dialogue and talks with leading Buddhist teachers. Monks and practitioners from South East Asia, India, and Japan as well as western teachers have been invited to come and share their practice, teachings and stories to festival attendees.

The practice of applying mindfulness, focussed awareness and intention to arts such as painting, calligraphy, mandala making, physical movement, stringing prayer beads and gardening will show ways in which Buddhist practice and philosophy can enable us to achieve more peace, harmony and well-being in our lives today.

The Trust’s intention is that participants will benefit from;

  • religious understanding through direct experience
  • being part of a strong and supportive spiritual community
  • access and experience of the sacred through the arts & Buddhist practice
  • a developed sense of recognising ourselves in others
  • ways to quieten the mind and live in the present moment
  • resources and simple practices to benefit their everyday lives
  • improved mental well-being through mindfulness techniques
  • exploring the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path; Right view, Right intention, Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right Effort, Right mindfulness, Right concentration
  • ancient Buddhist wisdom in light of modern scientific discovery

Two of the Chalice Well Trust’s aims entail the provision of spiritual and religious activities and education to create well-being on a personal, local and global level.

“To advance religious and spiritual activities and permit members of the public of all religious and spiritual paths to take advantage of such facilities as the Chalice Well Trust can offer for pilgrimage, quiet contemplation and healing”

“To advance education in all ways by encouraging the study and enjoyment of the sacred through the arts, particularly as may be associated with the said Chalice Well and its surroundings”

Since its 50th anniversary in 2009, the Trust has invited a diversity of engaging and original contributions from the worldwide spiritual community under the theme “Many Paths, One Source”. These festivals offer opportunities for individuals to learn about, engage with and experience the core precepts at the heart of the world’s major faiths.

Through dialogue, encounter and experience, a synergy of ideas, understandings, wisdom and possibilities have converged and emerged. ‘Many Paths, One Source’ explores ways of transcending differences of faith or belief to find a shared recognition of the sacred.

We will be sharing our journey of creating this exciting festival through this website and our Many Paths One Source Festival Facebook page.

The best way to make sure you don't miss any updates as the festival develops, and to get first notification when tickets for workshops and performances become available, is to join our mailing list. You will also receive details about contributors and links to other useful resources.


If you would like to join our family of volunteers for this event, or have ideas or suggestions for contributions; please email info@chalicewell.org.uk and type ‘Many Paths One Source’ in the subject line.

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